G ماكس سكوتر الكهربائية

AED 2,399 AED 1,549

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The EV Max is our heavy duty e-scooter equipped with 500W motor and the only scooter which uses a full Magnesium frame and not cheap Aluminium. Maximum range is 50km

  • Top Speed (km/h)
  • Range: 50km
  • 500W Motor

اللون: أسود

  • أسود
  • أبيض

  • Free Shipping in UAE
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Dubai Service Center
  • Money Back Guarantee
Delivered to your door within 2 working days
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  • 10-inch Pneumatic Tires
  • 50 km Range
  • Premium 36V LG Lithium Battery
  • 500W Brushless Motor
  • 100kg Max Load
  • Fully Charged in 6 hours
  • Built-In Front LED Lights
  • Electric Brake System
Go Anywhere You Want

Go Anywhere You Want

Buckle-up! Because you can rely on the 36 V LG Lithium Battery, which will assist you to ride for 38km (24 miles) within a single charge.

Powerful Motor

Powerful Motor

G-Max has a 500 W motor providing you with a strong driving force. So, become confident of your ride on uneven terrain or uphill.

LED Dashboard

LED Dashboard

Access 3-speed modes by the intuitive LED Display. Ride at the pace you wish to - go careful or get yourself some adventure feels.

New-Gen Folding System

New-Gen Folding System

Say hello to the new-gen folding system of G-Max. Either you wish to carry scooter on a subway or put it in your car trunk, G-Max is easily foldable.

Be Safe and Comfortable

Be Safe and Comfortable

Be safer with a Rear disc brake.
Be comfortable with a 7.9-inch Platform.
Front LED Light makes it safer to ride at night.

Premium Materials

Premium Materials

The only scooter which uses a full Magnesium frame with 25% of Iron and not cheap Aluminium.
Provides excellent stiffness and reduced weight.

10-inch Inflatable Pneumatic Tires

10-inch Inflatable Pneumatic Tires

10-inch pneumatic tires are strong grip, wear-resistant and suitable for all kinds of roads. Prepare yourself to experience a ride with G-Max that is smoother, quieter and happier.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Sam Gibsson
Amazing scooter

Amazing scooter and very solid quality. Instant delivery and great sales people.

awesome scooter

awesome scooter and very nice quality.

Elias Feghali
Amazing, thank you!

Great scooter in term of mobility, speed and performance.

Chris Bartlett
It’s a scooter

Goes well but the following are disappointing.
1. Cannot read the digital dial in the day.
2. No way to “lock” it. Off and on. Makes it easy to steal
3. No easy lock spot for a chain.

But it does the job. Reasonable value for money.

Eduardo Cordova
The best scoot

Best scooter overall, service and fast delivery i can say this is the good thing, the build quality is very good, stable to ride compared to my previous one. the looks its unique mascular scooter. recommend this!

Jonathan Rae
Gmax is the best

This is excellent scooter. i upgraded from Segway Gmax to this one, I had so many troubles with segway and their service is very bad. I had flat tire with Eveons gmax and their service guys fixed it instantly. Excellent buy

EV Max هو سكوتر E-Dustry الثقيل مجهز بمحرك 500W والسكوتر الوحيد الذي يستخدم إطار المغنيسيوم الكامل وليس الألومنيوم الرخيص. يستخدم بطاريات LG ليثيوم 36V ولديها مجموعة تصل إلى 50km. سكوتر هو التطبيق الذي يتم التحكم فيه ومتوفر على كل من IOS و Android.


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G ماكس سكوتر الكهربائية

AED 2,399 AED 1,549