10 simple safety rules to remember for your scooter rides

March 16, 2022
10 simple safety rules to remember for your scooter rides - Eveons Mobility Systems
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It’s easy to see why electric scooters are so popular. They’re convenient, eco-friendly and let’s face it — a ton of fun! But just like any method of transportation, there are dangers involved if they’re not operated by someone taking the proper precautions. Here are 10 top tips for safe scooting to ensure your safety and that of everyone around you.

  • Obey traffic laws
Even though you’re operating on two wheels rather than four, electric scooters are still obliged to adhere to the same traffic laws as all other vehicles. This includes obeying all traffic signs, adhering to street-specific speed limits, and giving way to pedestrians.

  • Wear a helmet
We know what you’re thinking, helmets can totally cramp your style… literally! But wearing a helmet is one of the most proactive precautions you can take to protect yourself from serious injury when riding an electric scooter.

And when we say helmet, we’re not talking about your parents’ bulky chunks of plastic. The helmets on the market today have seriously stepped up their game when it comes to style, safety, and comfort.

So if it’s been a while since you’ve shopped for a helmet, or even if it hasn’t — take a look at what’s out there.

A safe yet stylish helmet may just become your new go-to accessory of the season!

  • Use bike lanes
Whenever possible, use bike lanes — which contrary to the name (and the opinions of a few cyclists) — aren’t just for bicycles! More and more cities are adding roadways for alternative methods of transportation. All things considered, bike lanes make for a much safer and less stressful commuting experience for all parties involved.

  • Keep your eyes on the road
There are a variety of reasons to love riding on an electric scooter. Not only is it a convenient and eco-friendly way to get around, but there’s something about gliding down the street on a scooter just makes you feel like a kid again.

It can be easy to be so caught up in enjoying the moment that you forget that you’re actually navigating a busy roadway! So, stay alert, keep your eyes on your surroundings, and definitely keep your phone safely stowed away until you’ve arrived at your destination!

  • Keep your ears open
We know that scooting along on a sunny day might seem like an opportune time to pop in some earbuds and listen to your favorite tunes. However, it’s best to remain on alert — which means ditching the headphones so you can keep your ears open to the ambient noise around you.

The next time you’re on an e-scooter, ditch the headphones. Not only will it be safer, but you might learn to love the symphony that is the sound of the world around you.

  • Take it easy when going downhill
It’s time for a quick physics lesson. Electric scooters, which are a bit heftier in design than their analogue cousins, pick up speed quicker while travelling downhill due to the pull of gravity.

Keep this in mind the next time you head downhill and suddenly find yourself travelling much faster than anticipated! Remember, brakes were included in the design of the scooter specifically for situations like this — don’t be afraid of using them!

  • Stay responsible
While riding an electric scooter, don’t weave in and out of traffic, don’t ride the bumper of the vehicle in front of you, and definitely don’t treat the experience as an impromptu tryout for the next X Games.

Keep both hands on the handlebars and remember, being responsible isn’t just for your own good, but the good of all of your fellow travelers.

  • Keep both hands on the handlebars
Dual handles aren’t just for aesthetics — engineers had a very specific purpose in mind when they designed scooters with two handles.

While you might think it looks cool to operate an electric scooter with only one hand, this makes it much more challenging to retain control of the scooter if something unexpected happens. It only takes a sudden pothole, or a reckless driver to throw you an obstacle you can’t easily handle with only a single hand on the controls.

In the interests of road safety (as well as your own), make use of both those handlebars at all times.

  • Keep an eye out for obstructions
When you’re operating a car, it can be embarrassing to hit a curb, but very rarely is it dangerous.

Because an electric scooter is smaller and operates on just two wheels, you need to be wary of potholes, curbs, ledges, and any other surfaces that might cause you to lose control of the scooter and possibly cause injury.

We’ll highlight this again — keep both hands on the handlebars and both eyes on your surroundings!

  • Be extra careful in bad weather
Like cars, scooters are vulnerable to slippery conditions. And while it’s preferable to opt for alternative transportation methods in bad weather, sometimes it can’t be helped.

If you’re caught in a bad rainstorm or the temperature drops and the roads become icy — please remember to take it slow, proceed with caution, and employ all the tips detailed above.

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