5 Reasons to buy online from a Factory!

July 28, 2022
5 Reasons to buy online from a Factory! - Eveons Mobility Systems
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Whether the goal is to eliminate the middleman, have more direct interactions with product makers, get better pricing or gain access to high inventory levels, the “buying direct” trend will likely continue in the electronics procurement space. Here are five reasons why:

  • Buying direct saves money. In the article “Direct Purchases Vs. Distributor Purchases,” points to cost as a major factor in the decision to buy directly. “Whether you’re purchasing unfinished build materials directly from a factory or giving your customers the ability to purchase directly from you or a third party, the main advantage of purchasing direct is lower costs,” according to . “For example, the U.S. Department of Justice has observed that automobile purchases are typically inflated by a full one-third of their actual price in order to account for the added costs of distributors and dealers.”
  • More manufacturers are offering direct sales. For many manufacturers, working with wholesaler distributors was traditionally the only way to get their products in front of customers. “Wholesalers provided the manpower, infrastructure and retail space that manufacturers couldn’t afford on their own. With the rise of the internet, the distribution business model is evolving, and manufacturers are increasingly skipping wholesalers and selling products directly. This ensures that the inventory you “see” is what you can get, since no middleman is managing the inventory and orders (i.e., there is no business bias when purchasing online). “Traditional wholesalers and retailers, such as big-box stores, brick and mortar shops, and malls are now presented with new competition from manufacturers, often sell at prices distributors can’t match without losing money.”
  • The convenience factor is high. When you buy directly from a company like Eveons Mobility through its EVEONS.com website, the convenience levels are high and the stress levels low. In fact, with just a few mouse clicks or screen taps, you can load up your shopping cart, hit checkout and quickly get back to more important tasks. Manufacturer sites also offer instant access to large inventories of components and parts, all of which are authentic and immediately available.
  • You get better shipping options and quality oversight. Eliminating middlemen and intermediate steps from the shipping and distribution process has the added benefit of giving both procurement departments and suppliers a better idea of what’s happening in transit. It also helps manufacturers identify whether they need to take steps to reduce product damage or address problems in the “last mile” of product movement. For example, if your manufacturer is the only party handling your merchandise, it effectively retains total oversight over packaging and shipping, and therefore can handle any reported defects or damages far more efficiently.
  • Finally, ordering from the manufacturer directly ensures high levels of authenticity—a particularly important consideration in an industry where counterfeit products are common.
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