Debunking the Common Myths about Electric Vehicles

March 11, 2021
Debunking the Common Myths about Electric Vehicles - Eveons Mobility Systems
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Myths Vs. Facts: Electric Vehicles


Nowadays, electric vehicles have become the most trending topic of discussion, considering their booming popularity. However, one more reason for Ev's becoming a hot debate has been endless questions getting raised in association with them.

Are Ev’s good? Are EV’s efficient? Are they harmful to the environment? These are some of the many questions that come to people's minds. Nevertheless, we have here all your myths busted, and we might also change your perception when it comes to electric vehicles and put your mind at ease! 

Here are some myths related to electric vehicles alongside their facts. Give a quick read! 

Myth: Electric vehicles aren't long-lasting 

Fact: One such myth about electric vehicles is that it has a short lifetime. And as a matter of fact, many of us are too skeptical about how long do electric vehicles last. Though, in reality, the lifecycle of an electric vehicle solely depends on its quality, repair process and maintenance. 

Eveons has managed to grab hold of this issue effectively with its sturdy and eco-friendly vehicles. The firm built and modular design of Eveons electric vehicles makes the repair and maintenance super quick and easy. Moreover, all the electric vehicles come with a warranty of 2 years. 

Myth: Electric vehicles are not eco-friendly 

Fact: The myth one possesses is that by switching to electric vehicles, they will generate pollution, if not through fuel, then electricity. However, the carbon footprints produced by electric vehicles are just a portion of conventional cars. Many studies suggest that electric vehicles are much greener and cleaner than traditional vehicles as they emit less carbon emission and do not contaminate the ecosystem.

Because electric vehicles run totally on electricity, they emit lesser greenhouse gases as electricity is much less carbon accelerated then petrol. And that is why electric vehicles are not bad for the environment; in fact, they are much suitable for the planet. 

Myth: Electric vehicle batteries are problematic

Fact: One fact about electric vehicles is they don't use lead-acid batteries like internal combustion engine vehicles. Nowadays, electric vehicles come with batteries that are composed of lithium-ion that includes more scarce and recyclable metals and secures a longer lifecycle of the vehicle. 

Electric vehicles at Eveons are fitted with lithium-ion batteries keeping all your worries of replacing the battery at bay! 

Myth: Charging is an issue when away from home

Fact: It's correct that to fuel an electric vehicle, there's a different process required than traditional vehicles. But there are models available with a great range that will suffice the need for everyday average driving. Also, the Dubai government has managed to install 200 charging points all around the city, so there are a good number of places to charge an electric vehicle.

Electric vehicles at Eveons have a feature of quick charging, so the issue of running out of battery and then waiting for it to get charged gets resolved. Also, the range offered by Eveons e-vehicles is good enough to let you cruise in the city for a longer time. For instance, Eveons iDuo Plus electric scooter provides a range of 43 miles, which will allow you to ride along all day long and still have some juice left in it!

Myth: Electric Vehicles aren't ideal for long-distance travels

Fact: One myth, which we agree with, is that, yes, electric vehicles aren't ideal for long-distance travel. Firstly, many models of electric vehicles are suitable for shorter distance commute. Secondly, all are fearful about if the battery will run out; what will they do. However, gone are those times when you are frightened of battery life. Businesses have started coming out with electric vehicles giving higher range and a fast-charging feature. 

Some of our electric vehicles are best suited for the long-distance commute as they have a higher range. If you have to travel for a longer time every day, then check out our iTank Dual that comes with a range of 74 miles and gets charged in 1 hour. 

Need to Reach Somewhere? Take along an Eveons E-Vehicle!

Eveons brings you the best electric mobility devices in Dubai to cruise throughout the city. Ride freely favoring the best, affordable and eco-friendly way. We hope this post has helped you change your perception of electric vehicles and compelled you to get a new one! 

Check out our range and join our EV Community! 

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