Eveons & Dubai Ambulance at Expo2020

October 06, 2021
Eveons & Dubai Ambulance at Expo2020 - Eveons Mobility Systems
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Dubai Ambulance Services Foundation reinforced its fleet at Expo 2020 with eco-friendly green trikes. A fleet of Eveons iTank has been customized specially for Dubai Ambulance. ′′ These new mechanisms come to ensure speedy response to reports on the scene, and enter areas where large cars are difficult to exist ". the executive director of Dubai Ambulance Services, Khalifa Al-Darai said. For ′′ Emirates Today ", the new mechanisms added by the organization, include six electric bikes, six golf cars, also powered by electric power. The electric bikes (iTank), uniquely three-wheeled design to achieve the highest balance and stability, fits all roads with a 3000-watt electric motor, German ′′ Bush ′′ Powered by lithium batteries, enables them to move up to 140 km.

We at eveons continue to support government requirements with electric mobility solutions backed with on-site service and support. Connect with us to know more!

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