Five reasons to transition your fleet to electric vehicles (EV)

October 03, 2021
Five reasons to transition your fleet to electric vehicles (EV) - Eveons Mobility Systems
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With the move to electrified transportation becoming more inevitable, we dive into the reasons why the transition is a fantastic opportunity for businesses and public organizations.

  • Reduce costs and improve productivity:

Maintenance costs are reduced as EVs are inherently more reliable than internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles due to fewer mechanical parts prone to failure and often provide better data to enable more proactive maintenance. In addition, implementing ‘at work’ charging, where charging happens while employees are at work, can improve productivity and fleet drivers always start the day fully-charged - enhancing savings across your whole organization.

  • Enhance your environmental credentials :

In order to become a more sustainable organization, reducing your carbon footprint is essential. Into the next decade, meeting environmental regulations or self-imposed goals while acting on the demands of customers and employees will mean going beyond the important, but ‘low hanging fruit’ carbon reduction measures, such as thermostat controls and LED lightbulbs.

  • Generate new sources of value :

Indirectly the benefits can be even greater. Implementing charging infrastructure can enable consumer-facing businesses – particularly retailers and leisure companies – to monetize their EV facilities to create a new income stream. In addition, research shows that on-site charging is also likely to encourage customers to spend longer in-store as they wait for their car to recharge, resulting in higher per-customer spends.

  • Increase employee satisfaction and retention :

Enhanced experience for fleet drivers with better route planning to reduce driving times lowers commute costs, reduces risk of breakdowns, and manages range anxiety. Due to lower number of component parts compared with internal combustion engine vehicles, EVs breakdown less, keeping drivers on the road for longer.

  • Enhance your organizations reputation :

With consumers and employees increasingly focused on the environmental impact of the companies they buy from and work for, organizations switching to EVs can improve brand reputation by demonstrating green leadership and stronger sustainability credentials - improving customer loyalty and creating greater appeal to potential new recruits and better employee engagement.

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