Great Reasons to Buy an Electric Trike

March 25, 2021
Great Reasons to Buy an Electric Trike - Eveons Mobility Systems
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Why You Should Go for an Electric Trike? Know the Benefits

Contribute towards a healthier environment and a healthier you!

Staying fit improves blood circulation and keeps medical concerns like diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure, depression, etc., away. Moreover, there isn't a more joyful and refreshing way to stay fit then riding an electric trike. An electric trike is a great way to stay healthy, though not intensive; a low-impact workout by driving an e-trike will work wonders for you! 

In addition to this, electric trikes are also good for the environment. For kids, adults or the elderly electric trikes are great for all - for we know that they are fun, practical, and great for the body and environment.

Now that y'all have a slight hint of what electric trikes are, it's time to move ahead! 

What is an Electric Trike?

An electric trike or tricycle is a three-wheeled vehicle implemented with an electric motor. Electric trikes are easy to ride compared to other transports as it comes with an electric motor. So you can either drive them without pedalling or get support to your pedalling through the electric motor. 

Electric trikes can come with both two wheels in front and one at the back or with one wheel in front and two at the back and are known as a reversed trikes and standard trikes, respectively. The reverse trikes are safer and are stable than standard trike and two-wheeled vehicles. With Eveons range of reversed electric trike, your safety and stability are assured.

Great Reasons to Buy an Electric Trike

Electric tricycles come with stronger and sturdier wheels. So, young children, the elderly and everyone who is fearful of losing their balance, e-trikes are perfect for you. As toppling down from an e-trike is unlikely because of three sturdier wheels. Besides, here are some of the advantages of owning an electric trike.

Great for Environment

Obvious, but an essential one. Electric trikes are one great sustainable alternative to protect the environment and keep the air purer to breathe. By riding an e-trike, you will cut on your fuel consumption and emit almost zero carbon emissions. 

Eveons iTango electric trike is eco-friendly and comes with a lithium battery, which uses less energy to charge. Riding e-trike regularly will overall lessen the carbon footprints. Hurry up, and do your part for a better environment and switch to the electric trike.

Smart Way to Save Your Time & Money

An electric trike is a smart alternative to prefer over a car. With an electric trike, you can beat the traffic, reach your destination quicker and manage to cut down on your commute time. Also, as electric trike can start and stop instantly, they are suitable for riding in urban cities like Dubai, where one needs to stop over and again for traffic signals.

Electric trikes make your movement on turnings and traffic easy because of their strength to turn on a tight radius. With a car, it becomes a little cumbersome to travel for shorter commutes. For shorter commutes like going to buy grocery, an electric trike will be the best option. They save on your expense of fuel and also require less maintenance.

Ideal for Daily Work Commute

I am sure no one wants to end up reaching the workplace all sweaty and sloppy. You will not have to pedal with an e-trike so you can be as fresh as a daisy when you arrive at your workplace. An electric trike has to be the ultimate choice because no matter whether your workplace is nearby or far off, it will not let you sweat for sure!

Apart from that, the electric trike comes with a rack to put some of your stuff. You can keep your lunch or an extra pair of clothes for work, and so there won't be any room for clumsiness or losing balance because of not being able to hold up with several bags. And the best part is you are for sure not reaching to work late because of parking concerns, as e-trikes are easy to park!

Keeps You Healthy

With an electric trike, you can strengthen your muscles, boost your stamina and carry out low-intensity exercise regularly, which results in lesser muscle strains. When you ride an e-trike, legs, back, hands, abs are used, so resulting in making all body parts active and better. 

 You must ride an electric trike regularly so that your weight stays in check and you have a good impact on body by increasing your cardiovascular strength. These classic machines are great for those who wish to get back in shape and remain fit always. 

Eveons Electric Trikes for One and All!

Whatsoever is your purpose, whether going to work, grocery shopping, beachside or dessert, an Eveons electric trike is a perfect suit for your needs. Even if you are unable to balance, the electric trike's wide built and three-wheel contact to ground serves well to keep your balance intact.

Explore our range of electric trikes that will absolutely make your commute quieter, shorter, greener and merrier. These Eveons e-trikes are sure to turn a lot of heads!

Eveons Electric Trikes:


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The more you ride, the more you cherish it. Get in touch to make our electric trikes yours!

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