How to Choose Electric Kick Scooter for Adults?

April 02, 2021
How to Choose Electric Kick Scooter for Adults? - Eveons Mobility Systems
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A Complete Guide on Choosing Electric Scooter for Adults


Gone are the days when kids were the only ones riding an electric scooter. Electric scooters for adults have also become a thing now; with a viable number of adults picking them either for work or leisure commute. 

We are sure you know that electric scooters are best for short commutes and, of course, eco-friendly, so without much fuss, let's get straight to the point!!

If you are an adult planning to try your hands on an electric scooter for the first time, or you're already an expert looking to buy a new one and don't wish to miss out on vital factors to keep in mind, here's a post on how to choose an e-scooter for adults to save the day. 

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What is the purpose of buying an adult kick scooter?

Above all, you have to identify the need of getting an electric kick scooter for adults. You would either buy it for everyday commute or weekend sport and relaxation. Based on the purpose, the determinants that will influence your purchase would be - Convenience, Performance and Comfort. In addition to this, the factors that you should consider when buying an adult kick scooter are:


Pick an electric scooter that comes with a sturdy frame. A durable kick scooter frame assists you to have a smoother ride. If the frames are well-built, you can give more kicks, and there is no need to put many efforts. With a solid frame structure, your e-scooter will bounce less. Eveons adult kick scooters are made using a magnesium alloy that makes the e-scooter light-weight, durable and absorbs more shocks. 


Folding Mechanism

Generally, all the electric kick scooters for adults available in the shops are foldable. Folding mechanisms are exceptional for convenience. If you are using an e-scooter for the work commute, merely fold it and put it under your desk, and if it's for leisure use, then fold it and keep it under the car trunk. Here's an image of Eveons G-Max folding electric scooter for adults; it comes with a new-gen folding system. 

Folding Mechanism

Wheel Roll Resistance 

One can measure the quality of ride and speed of an e-scooter through wheel roll resistance. The force that resists the motion when wheels are rolling on the surface is rolling resistance. While choosing an adult kick scooter, you must pick the one that offers the least resistance to wheel roll. Electric scooters with large wheels are suitable for lessening the resistance and ensure a safer ride on-road, off-road and hills.

Wheel Roll Resistance


If roads would have been flat, then the suspension wasn't needed, but that's not the case. Suspensions mean shock absorbers; an electric scooter with suspension ensures a safe and smooth ride on all kinds of road and gives the ability to brake, accelerate and tackle corners safely. If your routes are all almost uneven, then an electric scooter with suspensions is a must-must, or else you can go for e-scooters without suspension. 


Other Factors for Choosing an Electric Scooter for Adult:

Including the above technical factors, you must examine some other factors and the topmost specifications of an adult kick scooter. Check them out:

  • Maximum speed
  • Range
  • Quick Charge
  • Max Rider's Weight
  • Battery
  • Motor
  • Wheel Size
  • Brakes
  • Handlebars

A good electric scooter brand like Eveons must provide a warranty to the customers. We provide you with a 2-year warranty on all our electric mobility devices.

 Adult Kick Scooter - Eveons Top Picks

For your ease, here we have listed our best electric kick scooter for adults so you can pick out the one based on your need. 

  • G-Max - Best for Daily Commute
  • G-Force - The Fastest Electric Scooter
  • G-Plus - The Smart Electric Scooter
  • G-Eco - Most Compact and Portable Electric Scooter
  • G-Pro - Sleek and Stylish Electric Scooter

Likely, now we have put all your worries at rest. Select the most suitable one and embark on an exciting journey!

Speed up to buy the best adult kick scooter from Eveons. Contact us and become a part of our eco-friendly community! 

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