Introducing a Wide Range of Electric Vehicle (EV) in Dubai, UAE

January 07, 2021
Introducing a Wide Range of Electric Vehicle (EV) in Dubai, UAE - Eveons Mobility Systems
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In the past decade, Electric vehicles have become the need of an hour. More and more people are becoming environmentally conscious, and so are switching to EVs.

Did you know that EVs generate about 17-30% fewer carbon footprints than fuel-based vehicles in their entire lifespan??

Yes, you heard it right, electric vehicles are eco-friendly and now have become the major factor in reaching global goals on climate change.

Electric Mobility Vehicles have become an immerging trend as people are getting more concerned about the pollution and the bad air quality.

Sustainability enthusiasts are now switching to electric vehicles as they do not produce carbon-dioxide emissions, which ultimately contribute to improving the air quality. 

Lets' have a look at some of the facts about Electric vehicles:

What Makes EV's the Best Choice in Dubai, UAE??

Electric vehicles, also known as EVs, are fully-electric vehicles with rechargeable batteries, and they do not have a gasoline engine. These EVs do not emit any harmful emissions and hazards that any conventional fossil-fuel operated vehicles do.

The batteries of EVs are electrically charged from an external source. Some EVs have AC charging methods, while some have DC, and because of that, people have to carry their plug as many charging points do not have their plug. It was inconvenient for them as they have to carry it everywhere. And it was discouraging people from opting for EVs.

Dubai has ambitious goals for electric vehicles. Now, Dubai government is taking numerous steps towards its long-term goal of electrification and has launched several initiatives over the past few years to encourage its residents to switch to EVs.

Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai (RTA) have exempted all-electric cars registered in Dubai from public parking fees for two years, starting July 1, 2020. Moreover, the vehicles registered for the green charger services are allowed to charge their vehicles for free until December 31, 2021.

Dubai Electric and Water Authority (DEWA) has recently announced that they have come up with universal smart charging stations for electric vehicles in Dubai that can charge all vehicles, whether they use AC or DC systems. 

To promote itself as a country committed to a low-carbon and sustainable economy, UAE has installed more than 200 Electric Vehicle charging stations. The government aims to boost up the EVs in Dubai by 42,000 by 2030.  

All these amazing steps, which were taken by the government to promote Electric Vehicles in UAE, have encouraged many people to opt for Electric Mobility Vehicles.

Eveons' Electric Mobility Vehicles

At Eveons, we have handpicked the best Electric mobility vehicles in Dubai from reputed brands in the EVs industry. Make Eveons' eco-friendly vehicles your acquaintance for the next adventure and ditch the traffic while working towards the environment as well. 

We provide our services to all, be it for a consumer, business, or government.

Check out our range of some of our best electric vehicles in Dubai:


E-Scooter1E-Scooter 2

Electric Car:

Electric Car Electric Car

Electric Tricycle:

 Electric TricycleElectric Tricycle



Delivery Vehicles:

Delivery VehiclesDelivery Vehicles

Government Vehicles:

Government VehiclesGovernment Vehicles

The EV industry in Dubai has achieved major accomplishments in the past few years because of its strong technical innovation in batteries, which you can find in Eveons electric mobility vehicles. 

 Get in touch with us today; to join the E-Bike Community!!

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