The Future is Electric

May 17, 2022
The Future is Electric - Eveons Mobility Systems
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The pandemic may have come as a rude shock for doubting the mass who believed that the future of mobility is something else. While sale of conventional passenger vehicles and two-wheelers in the country declined over 9 per cent and 13 per cent, respectively, in FY21, electric two- and four-wheelers bucked the trend and posted impressive growth.

Sales of electric two-wheelers surged over 64 per cent, while four-wheelers grew over 68 per cent. Yes, this is on a small base, but encouraging. In a year where nearly two months were lost due to lockdown, it is the clearest indication yet that after sputtering for years, the electric mobility story is on track towards an inflection point when it will become mainstream. The trends are likely to shift market segmentation, change customization paradigm and a new set of pathways for rivalry and cooperation. Technology availability will enlarge to wider base of manufacturers across the globe. The genuine development of EV movement is enshrined in policy frameworks and their implementation, if done well may grow this segment by an average of 40% p.a. globally.

Electric Mobility 2.0 is leading to in-vehicle commuting assistance for EV mobility, enabling more reliable and energy-efficient electric-mobility. To have higher impact, Electric Mobility 2.0 adopts a strategic paradigm to address the main concern of urban EV mobility, i.e, Range anxiety. This fact relates to the limited EV range, shortage of parking spots with open charging stations and congestion of urban streets. It seeks to utilize co-operative interconnected systems utilizing IoT technology to simultaneously remove these bottlenecks as a goal. Such an improvement if accomplished will ensure quicker adoption of both private and public electric transportation for EV owners.

At Eveons we provide a turn-key solution, and we are able to accommodate your needs and desires to achieve your green goals. EVs are touted as a one-stop solution to many problems in the middle east. These include those related to air pollution and steep oil prices. 

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