Tips to Increase Your Electric Scooter's Battery Life

March 18, 2021
Tips to Increase Your Electric Scooter's Battery Life - Eveons Mobility Systems
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Tips to Increase Your Electric Scooter's Battery Life

You all know the best part of owning an electric scooter is that it's low on maintenance. Unlike conventional two-wheelers, electric scooters, if managed rightly, don't need regular trips to mechanics. All electric scooters need is that you treat them well.

Many of us have a question about how long does an electric scooter battery last. And there is no specific answer to it, as improper use and poor charging habits can shorten the electric scooter's battery life. However, adapting to good charging habits and properly driving the e-scooter can prolong the battery life and make cruising out and about in the city hassle-free.

Usually, one should buy electric scooters equipped with lithium-ion batteries, as these batteries are robust, dynamic and long-living. Also, they are portable; one can discharge them to charge and put them back again. Generally, all good quality electric scooters run on lithium-ion batteries. 

All in all, to help you bring a significant increase in the battery life of your e-scooter below, here are some valuable tips you must look for. 

Know Your Electric Scooter's Battery and Range 

The first thing to do is getting fully acquainted with the specs of your electric scooter's battery. Check the battery of the electric scooter in terms of voltage, watts and ampere-hours. Also, check the range, so one becomes aware of how long you can travel within a single charge. 

The range of an electric scooter differs from model to model. A sturdy electric scooter like Eveons G-Force can let you travel for 40 miles within a single charge and comes with massive 52V 18ah Lithium batteries. G-Force makes sure that your ride on-road, off-road or uphill is smoother and on-fleek! 

Say No to Over-Charging

Never leave your electric scooter connected to a charging point if you are not available to keep a check on whether the battery is fully charged or not. Never overcharge the electric scooter battery in order to avoid any damages. You can ask the manufacturer about how much time does the electric scooter take to get fully-charged. 

In case you feel the electric scooter is taking more time than usual to charge or its battery is reducing fast, then it’s time for the electric scooter's battery replacement. Eveons is the only brand in Dubai that offers a 2-year warranty on all electric vehicles, so any issues with your battery may get covered.

Only Use the Correct Charger

As obvious as it sounds, you must use the appropriate charger for your e-scooter. By purchasing any electric scooter battery charger from the market, you may cause perpetual damages. Eventually, you will have to end up paying for the battery replacement, which is more than the cost of the original charger. 

Remember that the charger is a much essential and affordable spare part than the whole battery, so don't risk it. If you need a charger, contact the seller from whom you had bought the e-scooter and ask for the charger designed for your electric scooter only. 

Store the E-scooter in an Ideal Environment

Do not leave electric scooters out there in either extreme cold weather or heat conditions. High and low temperatures stress out the batteries. Keeping the electric scooter outside can cause damages and shrink the battery life of their e-scooter. It is advisable to store your electric scooter indoors so that they live longer and assure trouble-free riding experiences.

Keeping an e-scooter in extreme heat will damage the batteries, and keeping it in the extreme cold will cause an impact on the range, so go for an ideal, dry and cool place! 

Charge when you are Storing Your E-scooter

Like some of us do with their cell phones, charging them when the battery is totally drained, don't do it with the electric scooters. Charge your electric scooter as and when a chance is there. When you are planning to store e-scooter, then don't do it on a low battery power. 

Lithium batteries, when charged regularly every time before storing them, manage to live longer. Eveons recommends that you charge your electric scooter up to substantial battery power before storing it. 

Follow these tips so that your e-scooter's battery can live longer and continue to work to its full potential.

Eveons has brought you the best electricity mobility devices in Dubai. All electric scooters at Eveons are equipped with lithium batteries, great range, a powerful battery and a fast-charging feature. 

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