Which are the Most Popular Types of Electric Scooters?

February 18, 2021
Which are the Most Popular Types of Electric Scooters? - Eveons Mobility Systems
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Which are the Most Popular Types of Electric Scooters?


An electric scooter is an amazing invention of technology that has created a lot of buzz worldwide. As the name suggests, electric scooters run on electricity. They are battery-operated and are linked to the motor of the e-scooter. Like conventional scooters, e-scooters don't move on fuel. 

Electric scooters are classy in design, easy to operate and convenient to travel. Their look, speed and battery time are the influential factors that encourage the final choice of buying a particular electric scooter. They are charged by just plugging them into an electrical charging point. 

Electric scooters have started replacing all other vehicles as the most favored and convenient mode of transportation. They are definitely going to change the dynamics of the vehicle industry. 

To read more about this invention and pick out the best one, check out some of the famous and different types of electric scooters:  

Type #1 - Electric Kick Scooters 

Type #1 - Electric Kick Scooters 

These types of electric scooters are two-wheeled, handlebars and are standing. Two-wheeled electric scooters are lighter, compact and convenient to ride in high traffic areas and crowded places. They come with speed modes and are portable too. 

You don't have to worry about your electric kick scooter taking a lot of space, because all you need to do is fold it and keep it aside. And the best part is – driving them is easier to learn! 

Eveons G-Max Electric Kick Scooter has to be an ideal choice to go for, as it has all of these benefits instilled already, and are suitable for all kind of roads. 

Type #2 -Foldable Electric Scooters

Type #2 -Foldable Electric ScootersType #2 -Foldable Electric Scooters

When you wish to use an electric scooter for the daily commute; then foldable electric scooters are the most suitable. You can merely fold and carry them along on subways or keep it under the table. 

Our G-Force electric scooter has a dual-motor of 1200 W each and is ultra-foldable, making it the most powerful and a fast kick scooter to beat the traffic and carry it along comfortably. Also, the cherry on the top is - it comes with a removable seat!

Type #3 -Fat Tired Electric Scooters

Type #3 -Fat Tired Electric ScootersType #3 -Fat Tired Electric Scooters

Fat Tired Electric Scooters are with much wider wheels, and they look like chopped motorcycles. With tires like that of car, this e-scooter also comes with a seat, hence adding more comfort and aiding you to drive longer.

If you are a fan of electric scooters that look like a chopped motorcycle, then Eveons Super 73 E-Bike has to be the ultimate choice. The Super 73 E-Bike comes with the speed of up to 40 km/h, has LCD display, LED lights and net weight of 25kg, etc. among many features.

Type #4 -Three-wheeled electric scooters

Type #4 -Three-wheeled electric scooters

Three-wheeled electric scooters are perfect when it comes to balancing. They are safe driving in corners and don’t need our effort to balance. However, because they are broader, it becomes cumbersome to drive them in traffic areas. This unconventional looking three-wheeled electric scooter will definitely grab some eyeballs!

Check out this super Eveons iLark three-wheeled electric scooter - the best electric vehicle for your weekend getaways. It can go up to a top speed of 25 km/h, has LED Display, comfortable seat, and lets you drive at an ideal pace. 

Type #5 -Electric Mopeds

Type #5 -Electric Mopeds

Electric mopeds are lookalikes of traditional two-wheelers. However, they run on electric motors, are battery operated and possess wider wheels. Mopeds come with a wider and comfortable seat, so the commute becomes easygoing and, of course, lots of fun. 

Mopeds are almost inaudible when riding, and hence they are one great approach to reduce noise pollution. Eveons iDuo and iDuo Plus are high-tech mopeds with safe Panasonic rechargeable batteries and are eco-friendly. They do not emit greenhouses gases when moving. 

Type #6 -Electric Scooters for Kids 

Type #6 -Electric Scooters for Kids Type #6 -Electric Scooters for Kids 

Electric Scooter for Kids comes with diverse options, and the difference between e-scooter for kids and adults is the size limit and weight. E-scooters will help kids learn balance and hangout outdoors rather than playing video games on computers. 

Eveons G-Junior electric scooter is a must for your kid. It has a seat and a storage basket fitted, which makes it convenient and comfortable to ride. Best part is this junior e-scooter is foldable too!

Apart from this, there are other types of electric scooters also. However, these were the most popular types. E-wagons, self-balancing e-scooters, off-road electric scooters are to name a few. 

You can shop any of the above-stated electric scooters from Eveons. All our e-scooters are equipped with the fast-charging feature, are easy to ride, durable and completely safe. At Eveons, we have got the best electric mobility devices to shop from in Dubai. 

Electric scooters will assist you in doing your bit towards a quieter and greener future!

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