Why Electric Scooters are the Future of Mobility?

January 29, 2021
Why Electric Scooters are the Future of Mobility? - Eveons Mobility Systems
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With people becoming more conscious about the environment, they have started making some lifestyle changes. By recycling papers and going electric all the way, they make the planet a better place to live. 

And so, today our point of discussion is electric scooters that symbolize modern urban transport. 

Electric scooters are the most exciting and in-demand vehicles because they are load of fun, convenient, and yes eco-friendly too. Their popularity has sky-rocketed since a few years now with their trend going in a single direction, i.e., all the way upwards. 

Though many people are in love with electric scooters, we cannot ignore the fact that some are yet not convinced. Here's our best effort to convince you why electric scooters are excellent. 

So, get ready for the best e-ride of your life!

Explore some reasons below to buy these future-ready electric scooters in Dubai. 


Electric Scooters are a perfect choice when your destination is a little far to walk but too close to take a cab. Now that people have started ditching cars for reaching nearby places, e-scooters are the best for a short distance commute. Also, with an electric vehicle, you can charge them anywhere and anyplace. 

And, where all of us are running out of time, it becomes super convenient to drive around as with an electric two-wheeler scooter, beating the traffic becomes easy! 

Eveons iDuo Plus is the best two-wheeler electric scooter in Dubai that reaches up to the speed of 45 km/h and range of 70 km. 

Environmental Friendly: 

Electric scooters are environmentally friendly, is the point you would have read about so many times, and hence you would have been aware of the importance it holds. Electric scooters don't run on fuel, and so they do not produce carbon particles and thus makes the air purer to breathe. By using electric scooters, you will do a bit on your part towards a better environment.  

As a part of their Dubai Green Mobility Initiative, Dubai government through their tremendous efforts has convinced residents and businesses to use electric vehicles. Their goal is to increase the market of electric vehicles by 20%. 

Get on an adventure with electric scooters from Eveons and have a lot of fun alongside doing well for the planet!

Low on maintenance: 

You do not need to be fussy when it comes to maintaining your Eveons two-wheeled electric mobility device. Its maintenance is completely hassle-free. You don't have to go around for fuel, filters or oil change like you need for normal two-wheelers. Because for e-scooters all that is needed is charging. And as you don't need to pay for oil or filters, the maintenance costs of electric scooters are low. 


In Dubai, it's a very fast-paced lifestyle, with people working and trying to achieve the most, everyone is in short of time. And that's why electric scooters are the best choice in places like Dubai. From making you reach the destination faster to saving your time, e-scooters are perfect in all aspects. 

One of the best features of our electric scooters is the quick charge time it provides. Eveons G-Max, one of our fastest charging electric scooters in Dubai, gets charged within 1 hour. And as you don't have to make rounds for fuel like that in conventional vehicles, it saves your lot of time and money. 


Electric scooters are light-weight and ultra-foldable. When you own an electric scooter, you know well the storage and portability they provide. All you have to do is, to keep the two-wheeled electric scooter with you anywhere, and everywhere you go like a suitcase or a handbag. And when the need arises to use the e-scooter, merely unfold it, and you are good-to-go! 

At Eveons, we have the best electric mobility vehicles for you in Dubai. Electric scooters are a sustainable approach to transport and are future-ready. So, cruise through the city freely, and ditch the traffic. And let's make the planet happy and a better place to live in!

Our e-scooters:

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