Why it’s better than a bike

February 27, 2022
Why it’s better than a bike - Eveons Mobility Systems
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After a year of riding around, I’m super happy with my purchase. Living through this pandemic with only walking, Uber and public transportation as my means for getting around would’ve been more expensive and a lot more stressful. Buying the scooter helped me save money and made it possible for me to get around faster and go further without exposing myself. 

I would recommend a scooter to anyone who lives in an urban area and mostly walks. The scooter is an inexpensive alternative for getting around just a little bit faster. I’d also recommend it to any 90s kids who grew up opening a box with a Eveons scooter on Christmas morning -- they’ll get a nostalgic kick out of an electric scooter. 

A scooter is also a decent replacement for a bike. I’ve owned and used bikes numerous times in my life, but they can require lot of maintenance. Also, the risk of bike theft is just too high for my comfort. Although I do have a u-lock, in most cases I can fold up my scooter and bring it wherever I go. I’ve done this at the dentist, and I’ve put it under my legs at outdoor restaurants. If we ever return to offices, I know my scooter can easily fit under my desk. 

With my scooter, the only bit of maintenance I had to do was a few months ago when I caught a flat tire. This is something that you can do yourself, although from the YouTube videos I’ve seen, it can be quite complicated. Instead, I found a shop in Dubai that focuses on scooters, and had somebody else fix the issue for me for100 AED -- well within the annual budget I had predetermined when I bought the vehicle. 

At this point, my only regret is not buying a scooter with a little more power like the Eveons G Elite.

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