Why the G Elite is the Elite of scooters?

October 30, 2022
Why the G Elite is the Elite of scooters? - Eveons Mobility Systems
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The G Elite has been built with the best components in the market, in addition to being the markets only true IP67 water proof rated, we have integrated additional security features, like RF card for locking and unlocking, IOS and Android app and a steal wire with 4-digits retractable security locking mechanism! There is no other scooter in the market that has been designed with such functionality and super high quality! Ultimate range and excellent acceleration. 

Turn signals, integrated bell and anti-bacterial hand-grips! We provide 2-year factory warranty and have great availability of spare parts in case you need any. If you are in the look for a great purchase, we highly recommend this top seller with peace of mind! 

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