Ride into the Future

Eveons Mobility Systems LLC is the leading provider of electric scooters, electric bikes, electric mopeds, electric cars, electric vans, and delivery e-motorcycles in the Middle East. As a premier swedish electric mobility brand, we are a UKAS ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 certified company that designs our products in Sweden and assembles them in Asia using components from trusted partners such as Bosch, Bafang, Samsung, LG, and Panasonic. Our commitment to offering the best products, objective buying advice, and exceptional customer service, along with our desire to make a positive impact on transportation, drives our business so come and Ride into the Future with us. Eveons Mobility Systems is a daughter company of (ZEI)Al Zarooni Emirates Investments (ZEI) is the UAE holding company managing a strand of Al Zarooni’s family assets in private equity, public equity, investments funds and real estate. In 2009 ZEI became a Limited Liability Company incorporated in the Emirate of Dubai, UAE. ZEI is managed by a combination of family and non-family professionals.

Ride into the Future
Ride into the Future

Our Mission

We work directly with factories in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Malaysia to ensure that our customers get high-quality products at competitive prices. We also prioritize durability and performance in extreme weather conditions by developing our own battery enclosures, sealed motors, and protected controllers for the GCC region.

   The meaning behind our brand 'Eveons'

Ride into the Future

Finally to all of you wondering what does "eveons" stands for, What does eveons stand for? At Eveons, our name represents our dedication to promoting sustainability and revolutionizing the way we travel through electric mobility. The "E" stands for our commitment to being environmentally responsible, while the "V" symbolizes the victory of clean transportation over traditional methods. The multiple "E's" embody our focus on delivering efficient and long-lasting electric vehicles. The "ON" in "Eveons" represents the idea of being "always on" or always connected to the power and energy that drives us forward. The "ON" symbolizes the idea of being powered up and ready to go, reflecting our commitment to providing reliable and sustainable transportation solutions that are always available to serve the needs of our customers. The final "S" in "Eveons" represents our commitment to scalability and growth in the field of sustainable transportation. As we continue to evolve and innovate in this space, the "S" symbolizes our aspirations to expand our reach and bring our solutions to a wider audience. It represents our drive to continuously improve and scale our offerings to meet the growing demand for sustainable and electrified mobility solutions. Overall, the essence of Eveons is rooted in our passion for creating a better future through sustainable and electrified transportation solutions

Core Values

Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

The first core value is to prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility in all aspects of the business. This means making a conscious effort to reduce the company's carbon footprint, conserve natural resources, and minimize waste. It also involves sourcing materials and ingredients from sustainable sources, and partnering with suppliers who share the same commitment to the environment.

Authenticity and Genuine Products

Our second core value is centered around promoting authenticity and offering genuine products in all of our offerings. We strive to be completely transparent about the ingredients and materials used in our products, ensuring that they are of the highest quality and sourced ethically. Additionally, we provide precise information about the origin of our products, allowing customers to make informed decisions. 

Quality and Integrity

The third core value is to prioritize quality and integrity in all business dealings. This means delivering products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations, and maintaining a high level of professionalism and ethical conduct in all interactions. It also means being accountable for any mistakes or shortcomings, and striving for continuous improvement in all areas of the business.

Sustainability Strategy

Eveons Mobility Systems LLC Sustainability Strategy: Environmental Responsibility: a. Product Design and Development: Eveons is committed to designing and developing sustainable electric mobility solutions. We prioritize energy efficiency, recyclability, and the use of eco-friendly materials in our product development process. b. Supply Chain Management: We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that the components we source from them align with our sustainability goals. We encourage our suppliers to adopt environmentally friendly practices, reduce waste, and minimize their carbon footprint. c. Energy Efficiency: We strive to maximize the energy efficiency of our products by utilizing advanced technologies and optimizing the power consumption of our electric scooters, bikes, mopeds, cars, vans, and motorcycles. d. Emissions Reduction: We continuously invest in research and development to reduce the emissions associated with our products. We actively explore ways to increase the use of renewable energy sources in our manufacturing processes and promote carbon-neutral operations. Circular Economy Approach: a. Product Lifespan: We focus on creating durable and long-lasting electric mobility solutions. Our products are designed for extended lifespans, and we offer repair services and spare parts to prolong their usability and minimize waste generation. b. Recycling and Disposal: Eveons promotes the recycling and responsible disposal of end-of-life products. We collaborate with recycling partners and provide guidelines to ensure proper recycling practices are followed for our products and components. Stakeholder Engagement: a. Customer Education: We are committed to providing our customers with comprehensive information about the sustainability features of our products. We promote the benefits of electric mobility, including reduced emissions and improved air quality, to raise awareness and encourage sustainable transportation choices. b. Supplier Collaboration: We work closely with our suppliers to align our sustainability goals. We encourage them to adopt sustainable practices, minimize waste, and improve their environmental performance. c. Community Outreach: Eveons actively engages with local communities to promote sustainable transportation solutions. We participate in events, support clean mobility initiatives, and collaborate with organizations working towards a greener future. Continuous Improvement: a. Research and Development: We invest in research and development to drive innovation in electric mobility. Our focus is on developing advanced technologies, improving energy efficiency, and reducing the environmental impact of our products. b. Performance Monitoring: We track and measure our sustainability performance regularly, setting key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess progress. This data helps us identify areas for improvement and refine our strategies to achieve greater sustainability outcomes. Collaboration and Partnerships: a. Industry Collaboration: Eveons actively collaborates with industry partners, organizations, and governments to advance sustainable mobility solutions. By sharing knowledge, best practices, and resources, we aim to collectively accelerate the transition to sustainable transportation. b. Policy Advocacy: We engage in policy discussions to advocate for supportive regulations and incentives that promote the adoption of electric mobility and sustainable transportation practices at both regional and national levels. Through the implementation of this sustainability strategy, Eveons Mobility Systems LLC aims to be a leader in the Middle East's electric mobility sector while contributing to a greener and more sustainable future for transportation.

We clean up after ourselves.

Ecommerce deliveries have a carbon footprint. That's why we support cutting-edge companies that remove carbon from the air.

Together, participating businesses have…

  • Removed more than thousands of tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere
  • Provided carbon-neutral shipping for more than millions of orders

Here's how it works: For every order we receive, a formula is used to calculate the estimated shipping emissions. Based on those estimates, a portion of our revenue goes to carbon removal companies that have been vetted by scientists from Carbon Direct. Those companies use that money to remove however much carbon our shipments created. Any extra funds go toward the further development of carbon removal technologies.

Let's meet a few of the companies removing carbon from the sky.


Heirloom's direct air capture technology enhances the carbon mineralization process. Heirloom's technology speeds up the rate at which naturally occurring minerals capture CO₂ rather than using energy-intensive fans to draw air in.

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Remora captures CO₂ from semi-truck tailpipes as they drive, with the CO₂ destined for long-term storage.

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Charm captures CO₂ using plant waste, converts it into a stable, carbon-rich liquid, and safely stores it deep underground—out of reach of wildfires and soil erosion.

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