Why You Should Own an Electric Scooter Instead of Renting?

February 25, 2021
Why You Should Own an Electric Scooter Instead of Renting? - Eveons Mobility Systems
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Why is It Better to Buy an Electric Scooter rather Than Renting It?


Electric scooters have started becoming a widespread mode of transportation in urban cities worldwide. And we all know why - they are quieter, cost-effective, convenient and good for the planet. Riding electric scooters have become a thing now, with a growing number of people joining the trend of using electric scooters regularly. 

But there's a question that continues to stay in the minds of many, whether it's practical to own an electric scooter or rent one? And what if we say that you should definitely buy an electric scooter rather than renting an electric scooter. 

Let's look at reasons why you should ditch renting and purchase an e-scooter instead. 

Owning is cost-effective in the long run

In Dubai, while renting an e-scooter, you pay 3Dh to unlock the e-scooter and, then after, you pay 50 fils every minute. The cost of scooter rental does come out as a cheaper way of transport when compared to other modes.

On the other hand, ownership of an electric scooter makes sense in the case of daily travel. If you use an electric scooter for the commute to the office every day, it is feasible to buy an e-scooter. Also, dock less electric scooters doesn’t have a longer life. Though the cost of an e-scooter is more, the overall cost gets divided into the number of usable years, and the cost per mile becomes more economical. 

Owning an e-scooter is hassle-free

When it is about convenience, no doubt buying an electric scooter comes out as a winner. When we walk out of the office, we are so eager to ride on and go home. And looking out for a spot to rent an e-scooter and then ride it might be a little tiring. So, when you own an electric scooter, you can reach faster and don't need to look around for electric scooters rentals. 

With the ownership of an e-scooter, it becomes hassle-free as you don't have to find out an e-scooter to rent or a spot to drop a rented e-scooter. When you own one, all that it needs is to folding and carry it along like a suitcase or keeping it under the table. Same as our Eveons electric scooters, they are foldable, are easy to carry and light-weight. 

You're safer on your electric scooter

When you own an electric scooter, you are totally aware of what is its condition. The battery remaining, which part needs to be fixed everything is known to you. In the case of a rental electric scooter, one isn't aware of its condition. So there always stands a risk of either running out of battery or getting injuries due to defective parts.

Other than that, the maintenance of an electric scooter is very little. Some of us feel e-scooter will require a lot of care like conventional vehicles does. However, e-scooters are the easiest and simplest to maintain. All they need is a timely check on integral parts and are fairly inexpensive. A little time on maintenance and, you can avoid unfavorable circumstances. 

Check Eveons G-Force, it comes with a massive battery and faster-charging feature, so you are all set to move for a much more lasting period.

Freedom to customize and pick your preferred model

If you own an electric scooter, you can learn everything about your new e-scooter. Also, you can customize the e-scooter the way you wish to. In a rental scenario, you are given any model that is available for rent and options to customize are not available. 

In ownership of an electric scooter, you have a vast array of varied electric scooters. The right type of electric scooter model varies from person to person. Electric scooters are available in different range, size, shapes and features and also you can make them look the way you wish. At Eveons, we have a wide range of models available having different speed, battery, size, range etc. You can look at Eveons G-Max, G-Force, and G-Plus etc. and choose the best one that suits you.

Rental electric scooters are good-to-go if you want to explore tourist spots or the city, whereas, for the daily commute, any day buying has to be the ultimate choice.

However, when it is about safety, convenience, better environment, reliability, then owning an electric scooter is always favored over renting.

Get in touch with Eveons to make the planet greener and the future brighter!

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